czechoslovakian wolfdog puppies for sale

Raças de cães: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Categoria: Cães à Venda Preço: 1000.00€ Idade: até seis meses Data do anúncio : 07/06/2015
Hrvoje Masic
Croatia, Osječko-baranjska županija
We are proud to present the second Czechoslovak litter of wolf dogs in Croatia. Hades (PRM, CAC, BOB, excellent rating, hips A) and Cassy (CAC, excellent, hips A) these days have become the proud parents of 3 male and 6 female bugs. Hades and Cassey are wonderful examples of their breed created 80.god. last century in Czechoslovakia by crossing the female wolf from the Carpathians to the German shepherd under the strict supervision of the former army. These dogs carry the best and the wolf and of German shepherd. Its appearance, structure of the body and beauty resembling those of a wolf, and his affection, ease of learning, fidelity and commitment to the family show the characteristics of the German Shepherd. If you are willing to accept the challenge and bring a piece of wild nature in your home, engaging in adventure education of this wonderful breed of dog that will marvel over and over again, to its appearance and its characteristics contact us at contact phone +385 97 736 5073 or Facebook page Czechoslovakian wolfdog croatia :) Thanks

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